1. Please confirm that the cartridge picture on this page matches the cartridge you have in your hand or installed in your machine.
  2. Next, please confirm that the printer you are using is listed in the printer compatibility table on the previous page as a compatible printer for the cartridge you are trying to install.
  3. If one of these two criteria do not match, you have most likely received the incorrect cartridge for your printer.  Please click here to be directed to our Printer Compatibility page in order to determine what cartridge you need for your machine.
  4. Once you have confirmed you have the correct cartridge for your printer, the first step is to remove the pull tab from the top of the cartridge. 
  5. Next make sure you have properly removed the plastic band and clip from the cartridge. 

    The clip protects the nozzle on the cartridge and also keeps the cartridge from leaking.
  6. Once the clip has been removed, confirm that the chip is in place on the cartridge.  Now your cartridge is ready to be installed into your printer.

    Please keep in mind that there are various styles of clips and that the clip we are removing in this video may not be identical to the one on your cartridge.  Clips will vary in color, size and shape depending on the cartridge model and supplier of your remanufactured inkjet.
  7. If, after you remove the clip, your cartridge is still not fitting into the machine, you will need to confirm that you have been given the correct cartridge for your printer.

    To do so, peel back the product label to reveal the OEM label.  Confirm that the supplier label and the OEM labels match. If there is no OEM label, look at the bottom of the cartridge and locate the HP part number. This number on your cartridge should match one of these: CN685W, CB323W, CN681W, CZ098W, CB318W, CN662W, CC649W.
  8. If the labels or codes do not match, your cartridge has been packaged incorrectly and will not fit into your printer properly.  You will need to return your cartridge to the place of purchase.
  9. If the labels or codes do match, please make sure that you are installing your cartridge into the correct location in the printer.  Please consult your printer’s user manual to learn how to correctly install your remanufactured inkjet cartridge.

Inkjet Cartridge Not Fitting

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The cartridge and printer used in this video may not look identical to yours, but the same procedures used in this video may be used for the cartridge you have chosen to troubleshoot.
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